Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Replacement For Ferrari?

If even five years back it was said that there is a replacement for Ferrari, then people would expect it to be the regular competitors such as McLarens, Porsches or even the higher powered and way more expensive Bugatti’s. But times have changed and how!

Tesla has arrived and along with it provided even bigger, better and more powerful battery to its Ludicrous Mode which can now reach from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Say hello to the latest super car competitor that is revolutionizing the automobile industry. This shift and improvement in Ludicrous Mode has come mainly thanks to the 100 kWh batteries which is a ten percent increase, compared to the previous models. What has also improved is the total distance that you can now cover. There has been a significant increase of seven per cent in the distance that Teslas can travel now. 

This upgrade to the P100D will add $10,000 to the price of the Tesla, but it is one that people have been looking forward to. What the Tesla has in its favor is of course a generation that is raised on technology and loves all things tech. The AI is brilliant and when there are cars ahead of you then swerve, the Model S applies brakes lightly. The driving is easy, and a pleasure to withhold. This is not a surprise on straight roads but where it wins is when it drives on the curves. There is hardly any side movement that you will be noticing.

Another crucial aspect in making the Tesla such a favorite and a rapidly rising company is the ease it offers to potential drivers. There are already dozens of charging stations and the numbers continue to go up on a daily basis. Charging also does not take a whole lot of time. Elon Musk has spoken of how he wants the charging to be done in just about half an hour or so after three to four hours of driving. This is to ensure that people can take regular breaks during their road trip while not wasting a lot of time and thus ensuring that a full charge is done in just about thirty minutes.

A replacement for sports cars like Ferraris and Porsches? Highly likely and as more people are becoming environmentally aware, the Tesla does provide a car that is a complete winner.

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